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Kommentarer på:  Start button does not start my VGA explora.
  • #1   11. maj Does the battery need charging?
    It may be a drad battery since winter just ended...

    Or maybe it needs a service to have the valve clearance adjusted to start up easier

  • #2   11. maj does the starter turn when the button are pressed? or does it nothing? if it does nothing I could be a fuse? low charge on battery or a dead battery. bad connections also.

    if the starter motor turns then reply again. smiley

  • #3   11. maj Thanks for the replies, as far as I know the batery is being charged while I drive it, and I drove it for 35km yesterday and the button still does not work, so if the battery is the problem it is not a low charge but a completely dead battery.
    Note* a guy who sold me the motorbike said it hasn't been driven in 2/3 years, is that something that causes a batery to die?

    Martin to reply to your reply, I don't know what you mean by "does the starter turn", because I don't know how the starter looks or what it actually is. I also tried googling it now and google was no help at all.

  • #4   11. maj the starter? when you press the button what happens then? no sound of the starter. or does it turn the engine or clicks. that's what I texted and mean.
    but yes when it had been standing for 3 years of cause the battery is low charge. try charge it up. and try again. I thought that would be logic to anyone smiley and you charge the battery by using a battery charger.
    sometimes the mopeds charge can't kickstart the battery from dead. that's why using a charger. but for 200kr you can just buy a new battery and try that. if it does not work. reply again.

  • #5   11. maj Where did you buy it?
    Was it in 4681 Herfølge?

  • #6   11. maj Yes batteries die from storage.
    i'd say you need a fresh one. They come pretty cheap but the cheaper the quicker they'll die.
    Without maintenance with a charger, you can change every 2 years even with frequent usage all year.
    if you connect the poles on the battery with a screwdriver it should throw small sparks if it's got charge
    If the voltage is too low to throw sparks, it should still turn the engine over when you press the electric starter button, albeit very slowly.
    If it's dead, it's to be expected based on the 2-3 years neglect, to which you can probably add a few years of driving, so the battery should be dead by now

  • #7   12. maj Thanks for the advice, I'l be on my way to buy a new batter then ??
    Mange tak

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Start button does not start my VGA explora.